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Every Wednesday 8pm and Friday 6.30pm

Are you looking for a total body workout that targets every major muscle group? How about a way to increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength? NWCKB Chester Kickboxing offers Martial Arts training for the whole family.

Learn KickBoxing and Kungfu together in one unique system. Modern concepts for mind and body

No Enrolment, No Membership, Just Pay As You Train

For more information ring Dan Harris on 07976 000 801

Chester KickBoxing

Pad Work

NWCKB Chester Kickboxing club has a number of children who train with us. Kickboxing can be a daunting prospect for the children and their parents, so adults and children are usually split into two separate groups. This allows the instructors to encourage a fun, friendly and exciting environment for the children to train in. The classes cover basic kickboxing techniques, where the main aim is to create a lifelong interest in martial arts, and health and fitness in general. The youngest students range from around 7 years old, and we encourage the children to bring a friend to train with.

If this sounds what you are looking for then why not start training at Chester KickBoxing today!!

North West Chinese Kickboxing (NWCKB) was founded in 1996 by Chris Boughey – Chief Instructor With over 30 years experience in Kung Fu and Kickboxing, Chris blended the two disciplines to create Chinese Kickboxing. Chinese Kickboxing takes the awsome kicking and punching of Western kickboxing and combines it with the flowing blocking and open hand strikes of the Eastern art of Kung Fu. Chinese kickboxing is unique in its conception of power and grace.

Chester KickBoxing

Fight Night

NWCKB Chester Kickboxing is not just a run of the mill kickboxing club. We also give students the chance to learn Lau Gar Kung Fu as well as learn to kickbox. By continuing to train with us you will increase your speed, flexibility and strength. You will also leave the classes feeling that you have really achieved something giving you a bigger sense of wellbeing.

NWCKB Chester KickBoxing can cater for all ages, abilities and we welcome male and female students. We will aim to maximise your potential either as a competitive kickboxer or in the pure form of the martial art. Come and try us out and for a total body cardio workout!


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